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We are your full service automotive collision repair facility
We make continual investments in our shop, our equipment and our certification to perform the best most OEM correct repair in the Northeast New Jersey.
Have you been in an accident?
You need a second opinion on your repair estimate!
Don't rush to get this over with by choosing the first shop that was recommended. Don't assume all body shops care about your safe repair! (They don't)
Don't Take The First Shop's Word...
Not all shops have your best interest (your safety) in mind
Most shops look to save money and cut corners which means a complete and safe repair on your vehicle may be compromised. Let us take a look at your repairs or your estimate to be sure you are being taken care of.

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We will return your car as safe as the day it was built.

Our auto body shop uses only the highest grade material, up to date technology, and top of the line equipment to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Our goal is to provide exceptional service with the least amount of downtime, at the most competitive price.

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What you don't know...

But Need To Know About Proline Body & Chassis

Proline Body & Chassis focuses on doing the right repair with safety as the priority. There is the correct way and a wrong way to fix your vehicle after it has been in a collision. Sometimes quick fixes are made to save money or reduce the price of an estimate, but here we always follow the safest protocols so that you can have peace of mind for you and your passengers.

Three Solid Reasons:

Our Promise

With over 10 years of service, we are proud to offer industry-leading repair quality, unparalleled customer satisfaction, and unrivaled attention to detail.

Timely & Professional

Being without your vehicle is a huge inconvenience which is why we are committed to getting your repair done quickly and safely the first time.

Safety is our #1 Priority

We value you and your family's safety therefore, our repairs are performed only by top notch technicians.

We are a proud member of the Acura/Honda Pro First OEM certification.

The ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Network is very selective when choosing auto body repair facilities for their program. We believe that only the engineers who built your vehicle are qualified to determine how it is fixed. That is why we only follow the OEM guidelines when doing your repair. You get a car repair as safe as the day it was built.

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